Construction is almost finished at the new azahar sevilla store and so yesterday I went “shopping”. Met with a fabric painter who designs beautiful silk fans & shawls, and also spoke with a local artist who does very pretty watercolours of Sevilla, and both have expressed an interest in putting some of their stock in my store on a consignment basis. I mean, why not? It won’t cost them anything and it’s extra exposure for them. At least, I hope that’s how the various artists and artisans I plan on visiting will see it. So I’ll be quite busy next week shopping for merchandise.

I’m also going to meet with the owner of Puracepa to talk prices and arrange a date for them to teach me about wines for my tapas & wine tasting evenings there. Oh, and I got my first request for tapas tour info yesterday! That was pretty exciting. They haven’t booked a tour (yet) but sending them the info email suddenly made all this feel REAL. It also lit a fire under my butt to get back to work on the tapas guide e-book.

Meanwhile, I am helping Nog to help himself by reorganising the Restaurant & Hotel English class idea I had last summer. This is going to be his baby but I’ll be in charge of promotion, which is fine by me. So he’s been busy creating 3-month courses for three levels, sourcing materials, etc. And I am redesigning the brochure and will hit a few places next week that I think might be interested. Many will already have a teacher via one of the English schools, but I’ll be able to offer better prices and will stress that we *are* the company, so they won’t just be getting any old ESL teacher.

So it’s all busy, busy, busy … and who knows?
I may end up with something resembling an income yet!

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