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Remember when I started shopping for the new azahar sevilla store awhile back? Well, finding merchandise turned out to be more difficult than I’d expected, mostly because people making arts & crafts don’t tend to have much of a markup and so cannot offer a wholesale price. And cold calls (even in person) didn’t seem to go over very well. So, although the store has been ready for a couple of months now (thanks Tal!) the shelves are still empty and I was beginning to despair. And then …

The other day I was walking home and saw that there were some booths set up next to the Cathedral. So I stopped to have a look and saw that it was the second Hecho en Sevilla (Made in Spain) arts & crafts fair. Talk about Made for Me! All kinds of great possible suppliers just sitting there. And so I went back the next day with a bunch of business cards and my camera and spent some time talking to the people there about my online store – and quite a few of them showed an interest! It seemed to really make a difference meeting them en masse like that while they were busy selling.

So after the fair is over (May 16th) I hope to be able to collect some crafts, photograph them, and finally open the shop. Would really love to get this going before the next PET scan in June. You know, just in case. Because this is another job I can do from home, with a bit of help from Nog. You can take a sneak peek here if you like…

azahar sevilla store

[any feedback would be much appreciated]

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