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Other than when the azahar is in bloom I think I love jacaranda time best in Sevilla, which this year has coincided with my 18th anniversary of living in Spain. Back in May 1992 I drove down from Bristol through France with a friend of mine, with all my worldly possessions in the back of her car, and that first thrill of crossing the border into Spain is still so vivid. Likewise the very real feeling that I was finally Home. A feeling that has never left me.

So much has happened since then and all of it has been worth it. Coming to Spain is without a doubt the best decision I have ever made. The other day I heard someone ask an American guy at the gym why he lives in Spain and he said -“because I can” – which I think is the best answer I have ever heard to this question and one that I shall use the next time someone asks me this. Since getting cancer anniversaries have come to mean a lot to me, and I’m celebrating this one by working hard so that I can enjoy many more.

Sevilla photo albums

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