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After all was said and done my “scary” hospital day yesterday turned out quite well. I’d got up early for yoga class and tried to keep busy doing biz stuff at home later, but I was getting more and more nervous as the day went on. And it was silly because I KNEW that this oncology appointment was just going to be about setting up my next PET scan, but unlike going to get my port flushed out (which I can now do on my own!), actually having to talk to the oncologist makes the whole cancer thing feel more real and threatening somehow. But it went well. Had a nice chat with doctor Ana and, after a bit of consternation on her part, she agreed to let me have the scan early in June, which was what I’d been hoping for. I have so many things on the go that I want to know as soon as possible if I’m going to be okay for the next few months. Also, if this next scan is clean, it’ll be the first summer in three years that I haven’t been on chemo…

My good friend María Paz came with me. I’d picked her up at her bar (Bar Campanario) and we taxied over to the hospital, and we were both surprised to be in & outta there in an hour – last time we were stuck in the waiting room for over three hours! As it was such a lovely evening we decided to walk back through the park and stop somewhere for a cold beer along the way. We ended up at La Raza and shared a couple of tapas, then we wandered back to the bar so she could pick up her motorbike and, as Nog was just coming home from his last class, she insisted we stay and try a couple of daily special tapas she had made … which turned out to be fabulous. Stewed bulltail and tuna in onion sauce. And while we were sitting out on the terraza enjoying the view (sunset behind the Giralda tower, with the sky turning “that blue“) my friend María called saying she was just around the corner and that she wanted me to meet a possible supplier for my new online store! So they stopped by our table for awhile and we chatted and, well, it all felt so good. Earlier that afternoon I’d also had a chat (online) with a local photographer, and we agreed that we had to meet in person soon. It finally feels like things are coming together, and all the chance meetings and socialising yesterday felt like “old times” somehow. My first year in Sevilla I lived across the street from Bar Campanario in a tiny studio apartment (about the size of my present livingroom) and so their terraza became my “office”. I had my own small table near the doorway under the lights so I could read & write in the evenings, and it took me back sitting in that same place with Nog last night and having people stop by for a visit … nice.

And so, a good day.

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