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I was invited to an ice cream tasting this morning by my friend Eduardo who runs Different Spain, a fabulous private travel and concierge service. You may recall that a couple of months ago Edu and I went to an olive oil tasting together at the Basilippo Hacienda just outside Sevilla, and it turns out that this ice cream tasting, held at Mascarpone, was going to include three flavours made from Basilippo’s exquisite extra virgin olive oil.

Have to admit I’m not much of an ice cream person. Or maybe I’m a purist? I only eat ice cream once or twice a year and my favourite flavour has always been vanilla. But it was fun to taste a few very different flavours, such as:

  • vanilla olive oil
  • gazpacho topped with balsamic vinegar
  • chocolate with hot chilis
  • vanilla bonbon filled with wine and covered in dark chocolate
  • chocolate bonbon filled with olive oil and covered in white chocolate
  • mascarpone with salted sunflower & pumpkin seeds, mixed with dulce de leche

Later Eduardo and I were given some frozen fruit pops to try. They are not on the menu yet but I quite enjoyed my strawberry one, which was made from 45% fresh fruit. As for the rest, it was all very interesting and some of the flavours were quite nice, but I think I’ll stick with vanilla…