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On Monday evening I had a bit of a dodgy stomach, including a touch of diarrhea, but this does happen from time to time when you are a semi-colon. The next day I went out on that crazy lunchtime gourmet tapas tour, which I know couldn’t have helped matters. In fact, I went to bed that evening very early after having just a slice of melon thinking I’d feel better after a good night’s sleep. Yesterday I felt weakish but still made myself go to the gym because I’d missed ten days, what with going to Málaga and all. Stupid! I could only manage a bit of melon for lunch and had started to get cramping, which happened just before every “dire rear” episode. Unfortunately, I had a tapas tour booked last night and, although I really didn’t feel like I could do it, I went because a) I’m responsible like that and b) it was only a two-hour tour, so I thought I could handle it. I just nibbled on a couple of things and generally took things easy, but didn’t end up getting home until midnight – four hours later!

This morning I woke up feeling awful and have barely been able to get out of bed. I have a bit of a fever (37.4º) and the diarrhea and cramping continues, plus I feel achy all over, which gives me hope that this is just a bout of gastroenteritis and not a cancer recurrence. The symptoms are quite a bit different from that first time I went to the hospital over four years ago, because the only symptom I had then was the excruciating abdominal pain. This is bad, but not nearly as awful as that time. So I have spent today in bed except for a couple of attempts to sit up a bit. Like now. I managed to eat a little melon and some toast, but really don’t feel that hungry. And I am trying like hell not to WORRY. But if I feel the same tomorrow then I guess I’ll have to pop over to emergency.  😦

Okay, back to bed…