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malagueta beach

So I made it! But shades of Christmas past came back to haunt me after Justine and I met up at the train station in Málaga and we went of to grab a quick taxi to the apartment. I wondered why there wasn’t the usual long queue of taxis in front waiting for passengers and then I saw The Sign. Another goddamm taxi strike! I couldn’t believe it. So we walked to a nearby bus stop and saw that it was for a bus that would take us close to the Malagueta. And then we waited. And waited. Turned out that at that very moment – lunch time of course! – there was a taxi driver demonstration going on in the centre and so the buses were being rerouted.
malaga office We finally got to the apartment over an hour later than planned – if I hadn’t overpacked (as usual) we probably could’ve walked there faster – and after dropping off our stuff we went to a near and dear spot called La Moraga for a snack of fried baby squid and their famous bulltail burger, washed down with a couple of glasses of perfectly chilled Botani. And suddenly it felt like I was home!

After lunch Justine went off to explore on her own and I stopped off at the supermarket for a few things before coming “home” to unpack and set up my little office. It feels a bit weird not staying at Manolo’s (which is just the next street over) but this place is also quite charming. Steffen from GlobalCityBreak joked that people often comment it’s like staying in an IKEA showroom, but I quite like that. Everything is bright and clean. And there’s free 4G WiFi!!! So I’m all cosy and happy that I “overpacked” because I’m listening to music on my iPad speaker dock and am comfy in my “house sweats” and slippers. This evening we’re meeting up with Fred and Arpi to try a new tapas bar. Not a bad way to start the week, especially when it was 23º on the beach this afternoon.

What are you guys doing this week?