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This is the third summer I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to stay at Manolo’s fabulous apartment with views of both the sea and the port. Though this is now my fifth visit as I was here twice last summer and also had that wonderful Málaga Christmas trip with Peter and Jessica. The biggest difference this visit is that Manolo has totally redone the place, and it looks even more fabulous.  If you compare the collage above to these old pics you’ll see what I mean. No more orange walls and heavy curtains. It’s all fresh white and cream tones, with much improved pictures on the walls and pretty lamps. Much more “minimalist”, which of course is totally my style.

I’m also really glad that I bought this little bodum french press for the trip as it makes the perfect amount of coffee for a perfect wee brekky. I’m just finishing my coffee now as I write this and wondering what I’m going to do today. It suddenly seems like I’ve gone on holiday by mistake as I found out yesterday evening that the vineyard tour has to be postponed until Friday morning. Also not sure about getting out to the bodega with Victoria before that to get some work done as she now has to go to out of town. So I may have to change my 5pm train on Friday to a later one.

But what to do now until Friday morning? Well, I’ve got work to do on the social media stuff that I can do while relaxing here in my “second home”. And of course there is plenty to see and do in Málaga. It’s just weird suddenly having all this extra time here on my own. I think I quite like the idea!

Going to call home now to check on Azar, then a shower and then out to see where the day takes me… hasta pronto!