fff - high 1

This week’s Friday Foto Finder challenge is “high”…

fff - high 2Almost two years ago I went on a very special Cathedral Rooftop Tour, which in retrospect was not the smartest thing for an agoraphobic chica like me to do, but it was too intriguing an opportunity to pass up. I was mostly okay though at one point I resorted to filming a short video of the clanging bells instead of running away in terror. But it turned out that the worst part was when we got back inside and I suddenly found myself behind a balustrade that runs just below the HIGH vaulted ceilings.

Even looking at these photos makes me break out in a sweat and I remember thinking then that I was going to totally break down and that somehow they would have to cart my quivering jibbering self back down the long stone spiral staircase. To give you an idea of how HIGH up I was, you can just about make out the two angels with trumpets in this photo on the left. I still can’t believe I was actually standing behind one of them. Must stop looking at these photos now…

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