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mantillasI’m actually glad I’ve been working so much this week (even with awful ear/sinus infection) because it means that I’ve avoided that “too many Sundays” feeling that happens around Christmas and Easter here. I always find Sundays a bit sad and bleh…

To make things even blehier it’s been raining all week (well, all winter…) and so many of the processions have either been cancelled or cut short. But that hasn’t stopped the ladies dressing up in their black dresses and lace mantillas to show that they are mourning the death of Christ. I love this tradition simply because the ensembles are so striking and elegant. I also enjoy the irony of seeing a group of young women decked out in tight black mini-dresses, stiletto heels and sheer black stockings with seams up the back, clearly hoping to be photographed.

They will also be out and about on Good Friday so I hope to get a few more photos.