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Although it’s still a few days away, I am getting very excited about my upcoming trip to London. It’s been almost five years since my last visit and lots has happened since. Probably the main difference is that back then I was still (slowly) getting back on my feet after cancer & chemo, so things were very much up in the air and money was pretty tight. I’d started my food tours the year before but still needed extra work to make ends meet. So when I was offered a writing job for a new travel website I paid my own way to attend a staff meeting in London. Turned out to be a good job while it (the website) lasted, so it was worth the investment. And of course it was great to meet up with friends.

Fast forward five years. Sevilla Tapas is going strong – in fact, an abundance of work led to the creation of We Love Tapas last year – so I won’t be so skint this time. Also a huge bonus – this is an all-expense paid trip to attend the FoodieHub Global Awards as their Sevilla Food Expert. So the situation couldn’t be more different. And all changes for the better.

I’ll be busy all weekend with Award show activities, and then will have an extra three days in the city. I was going to look for an AirBnB option but then my friends Jo & Mark said I could “housesit” their place as they were going to be away. How perfect is that? Well, except for not getting to see Jo & Mark. But I know they’ll be back in Andalucía soon. And now I am turning into a nervous wreck. Only four more sleeps! Time to start packing…