trigger points

The jury (well, my doctor) is still out on the No Cycling Situation especially after my spectacularly stupid fall up the stairs, further damaging my knee. It’s been a month since I’ve been to the gym now, and I really miss it! I am considering getting a private trainer for awhile at least, because if I show up for regular pilates or yoga classes with a list of things I can’t do I’ll be like a gluten & lactose intolerant vegan asking for a food tour. And yeah, I know there are probably other things I can do at the gym on my own, but I’d like to get a good routine going that takes into account stuff like my knee, lower back and hernia issues.

Meanwhile I received this fab book from my dear friend Sledpress and, in spite of me not doing the treatments as often as I should, the knee has noticeably improved. I’m still not dancing up and down the stairs, but at least now I don’t have to take them one step at a time. So… progress! Thanks again, Sled.