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mikel angela

So remember when, about a year and a half ago, I went to Antequera and stayed at the Parador Hotel? Well, that was also when I finally got to meet Ángela & Mikel, the foodie couple behind Pollo y Ensalada. Aside from doing a tapeo with them I also joined them for a memorable tasting menu lunch at Arte de Cozina. And today we did it again in Málaga, trying out the new El Tres location at Malagueta Beach.

And it was WOW. We loved every bite (except maybe the fried artichokes that didn’t taste of artichokes). But everything else was exceptional. Just one amazing thing after another. More on that later over on Azahar Tapas. It was a lovely afternoon, catching up, chatting, with great food and wine. Afterwards we caught the sunset at the port (yes, it was a four-hour lunch) and then parted ways. Looking forward to seeing them again soon in Antequera, and maybe even in the Basque Country, where Mikel is from.