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japanese lunch (3)chef Kosei Takakura

…at least for a day. One of the things I miss living in Sevilla is that there is very little good international food here, especially Asian food. Sure, there’s a “sushi bar” on practically every corner these days, but you can imagine what they’re like…

So when my friend Tómoko said she was coming to Sevilla with other friends from Jerez to have lunch at a Japanese restaurant run by a chef she personally knows,  I reckoned it would be the real deal. And it was.

japanese lunch (1)Tómoko preparing our shabu-shabu

We had a wonderful selection of sushi, sashimi, shabu-shabu and other things I can’t remember the names of. All delicious. But what made it extra special for me was that sauces such as wasabi, ponzu and yuzu-koshou were all made from scratch by chef Kosei, and they were outstanding. Unfortunately, this delightful discovery will soon be no more as Kosei is off soon to try his luck in Málaga. But hey, I can always catch up with him there.

japanese lunch (2)pringá for dessert!

After lunch Tómoko and I decided that the rest of the gang couldn’t leave Sevilla without trying Bodeguita Romero’s award-winning pringá montadito, so we popped across the street and shared pringás with some lovely sherries for our “dessert”. It was a great afternoon and I’m happy that Tómoko is spending a few days here with me in Sevilla. I’m sure I’ll be posting more of our adventures here during the week.