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i blame anna

I set off on Monday afternoon to meet up with my friend Anna Mayer for a tapita. She had just arrived in town for a short stay and I hadn’t seen her in ages. So we started off with a vermouth cocktail at Palabra de Bar, near my house. But I should have known by that mischievous look on Anna’s face that the day would take a turn or three.

i blame anna (2)

After our lovely vermouth cocktails we were walking towards the centre of town and the skies suddenly opened. We ended up taking shelter at Casa Antonio Los Caracoles. As Anna pointed out – it was destiny! Snails are now in season and there is no better place in town to try them.

i blame anna (6)

But since women can’t live on snails alone, we ordered a few other tapitas. Which we needed to fortify ourselves because…

i blame anna (3)

…just before we met up, Anna had been invited to a Rías Baixas wine tasting event at the Hotel Alfonso XIII and this ended up including me. Thrilled! So after our hearty tapas lunch we headed over to the event.

i blame anna (4)Here’s Anna and I seriously tasting seriously lovely wines. But I should’ve either sat closer or brought my glasses because I couldn’t read the powerpoint thingy.

i blame anna (5)

Long story short…. after the wine tasting there was a “salon de vinos” with I don’t remember how many bodegas offering their delicious wines and then one thing led to another. By this time Anna had gone home, and I stayed on with other friends, going out for tapas later on, and even later rolling home around 1 am (!!), about twelve hours after I’d left the house. I blame Anna.  😉