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Woke up and had no idea where I was. All I knew was that I was still tired and that I was hungry (having just had crisps for dinner the night before). Luckily I’d had the foresight to bring some Nespresso capsules with me, so I was able to make myself a cup of coffee. But by late morning I realised there was nothing for it but to embark on the WAITROSE DEATHMARCH to stock up on a few basics (a 40 minute walk from the apartment). Not so bad going there as it was a pleasant day and I took the river walk. And I was rewarded by this unexpected view of the Shard when I turned a corner.
london day 2 (1)

But the way back (carrying the shopping) was long and, well, long. So once I got back I was barely hungry anymore and made do with some cheese and crackers I’d bought. About an hour later (maybe 3.30?) I was feeling quite drowsy so decided to lie down for half an hour before meeting my friends Julie & Steve at Vivat Bacchus at 5.45 (dinner at 28º-50º was booked for 7.45).

So imagine my shock when, after lying down and closing my eyes “for a few minutes” I opened them again at exactly 5.45! WTF! I flew out of bed, texted them immediately, had fast shower, threw on some clothes and flew out the door, eventually arriving at Vivat Bacchus 7.00 ish. I felt bad because Julie & Steve had just come in for the afternoon/evening (their train home was booked for 11.30) and I’d lost two precious hours with them.

london day 2 (2)But oh well… as usual we had a wonderful time together. And there was just enough time to enjoy a gorgeous bottle of South African chardonnay (not usually a favourite but this one was amazing) at Vivat Bacchus before heading out for dinner. Julie had even booked our food ahead for us at 28º-50º – the massive ribeye daily special – which was delicious. It was also nice to have everything taken care of and not have to think about what to order, for a change. So we could just relax and enjoy each others company. Next time dinner is on me as J & S will be coming to Sevilla for Christmas and I’ll be in charge of Christmas Eve dinner. Can’t wait.