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So while on holiday back in August I was on my usual number 15 London bus heading into town and had secured the front seat on the upper deck (yay!). Getting close to my stop the bus was stopped at a red light, so I thought this was a good time to make my way downstairs. Then, as soon as I was at the top of the stairs the bus took off again and down I went! My right hand automatically shot out to break my fall and smashed against the railing. In the end I only stumbled down a couple of stairs, but the damage was done. Hand immediately started hurting like a sumbitch.

Next day I met my friend Thane for lunch. She took one look at my hand and told me to take my ring off immediately before the swelling got so bad I’d have to get it sawed off. Which turned out to be very good advice. And well, since then, it really hasn’t been getting any better. So I finally went to have it x-rayed and it seems like nothing is broken. But the space between my pinky and ring finger is still very tender and swollen (almost two months later), which can’t be right. Someone suggested I get an MRI done, since x-rays don’t often show the whole picture.  My doctor says I should keep icing it and STOP USING IT (or at least as much as possible). Really not sure what to do at this point.