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london day 7 (8)

I started off Monday morning in London by taking a dive down the stairs of a double-decker bus (duh!) and quite likely spraining my pinkie. But there was nothing for it, had to continue on because I was determined to do a bit of sightseeing before dinner, which was to be my only homecooked meal of my trip. So off I went to Covent Garden, kind of because I knew how to get there…london day 7 (4)

As usual I arrived at a time when I should be having some sort of lunchy snack so ended up at Polpo (because I happened to be walking by) and had a couple of their “small plates”. london day 7 (1) london day 7 (2)Arancini… give them a miss, devoid of flavour and 2 pounds EACH (srsly?)london day 7 (3)tasty and spicy pork meatballs

After a stroll through Covent Garden I took a friend’s advice and headed over to Marylebone high street. Apparently there wae cute shops and what not to be seen there. Well, it was quite a hike over there from Covent Garden, and I enjoyed the walk, but actually found the shops in Marylebone a bit… well, let’s just say they were nothing I could relate to. But I did find a nice pub and had a glass of wine there before making my way to Peckham Grove for dinner.

It was actually Oli’s @CoteduPy spontaneous invitation for dinner at his place with girlfriend Phoebe @plemess that sealed the deal on my booking this London trip. Before that I was wondering if I should really do this, in spite of the generous offer from @inkjockey & @missbishopsgate of a place to stay while I was there (their place!). But Oli said we had to do this and also invited other mutual friends @andrewfriedhoff @vinoveroleigh and supplied the wine, while Phoebe cooked dinner for us.  A done deal.

london day 7 (5)view of MY SHARD from Oli’s apartmentlondon day 7 (6)rooftop dinner london day 7 (7)

It was a great evening and after eating out on the terrace we got cosy inside and, well, had a few wines… nothing like enjoying good food and wine with kindred spirits.