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For someone who is supposedly DOWNSIZING I sure bought a whole whack of stuff at IKEA today. Though as you can see, most are storage-type items, which will help at the newer, smaller Casa Azahar. And I did really need a new sofa, and so found a very simple one that I could make as “cat-proof” as possible, without arms (aka scratching posts) and easy to cover (PROTECT) with a nice cotton throw. It’s a sofa-bed too, so I can still have friends stay over. The only splash out was the new ergonomic wheelie office chair. Man is that thing comfy!

Another thing I discovered today at IKEA… if you are sending all your stuff by IKEA Transport you can go to an info-desk on your way out, show them everything you want to buy, and they will put it all on one bill for you. Including all the little (kitchen/bathroom etc) stuff you bought, and want sent with the big order items, which gets left at the info-desk for pick-up. AND THEN… you go to the cashier, pay for your stuff, and walk away.

I couldn’t believe it. No schlepping through the self-service aisles looking for your flatpacks, then painfully loading them onto the trolley, eventually arriving exhausted at the check out, and then having to go over to the Transport Department and organize the delivery. None of it! I was so happy. Well, until I was at the check out and saw that they actually charge 16€ for this “pick up” service (wtf?). At that point I couldn’t say no, but I also didn’t actually want to. For 16€ I saved myself from at least another hour of IKEA HELL and was outta there in record time.

But I mean, why even charge for this? If I’d ordered everything online I wouldn’t have been charged a “pick up” fee. At least, I don’t think so…

Anyhow, it was all fine. And for what I need now, IKEA works. Practical, affordable, and often quite cute designs (LOVE my new wheelie chair). AND… it will all arrive at the new Casa Azahar tomorrow morning.