It took 6 men 6 hours to pack up my entire house and move it to my new house, something that probably would have taken me 6 weeks and would have involved a LOT more stress. I couldn’t believe how fast these guys worked… by 1.30 pm I was left at the new Casa Azahar surrounded by a sea of carefully packed boxes. It’s the first time I’ve used professional movers, and that packing service is worth every penny. This company didn’t offer to unpack, which I actually prefer, though no doubt I will still have things in boxes 6 weeks from now.

The only stressful part was the cats. I had them all cosy in my bedroom and naively thought I could ask the movers to clear another room first so I could then swap them over… but they moved so fast! And they were also very loud. And suddenly I was told the cats should probably “wait in the bathroom until it’s all over”. Well, okay, I probably should have thought of this initially, but trying to move three terrified cats one-by-one into my (now ex) horrid tiny under-the-stairs bathroom not only proved almost impossible – when I slipped one cat in, another ran out – but it ended up with me throwing my back out when I got into a twisty position trying to catch Loki… SERIOUS PAIN. And that’s really what you want, to throw out your back while moving house. Grrrrr… In the end we got them all in the bathroom, and then switched them back to my (empty) bedroom once the movers had left. Boy, they were not happy bunnies. But they actually were keen on sniffing out every corner of their new home once we brought them over.

I just hope it won’t take me 6 months to unpack.