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Every couple of months or so I slap this stuff on my head for about 20 minutes, rinse it out and then I’m good to go… no more grey hairs (at least for awhile). The whole process takes about half an hour. I’ve tried doing this at a salon. It takes FOREVER, costs three times as much, and the results often aren’t what I’d asked for.

Unlike many women I know, I really don’t like going to the hairdresser’s. Seriously. I don’t like it A LOT. If I could I would cut my own hair, as it’s been the same cut I’ve had since I was 25. A just below the jawline bob. Not that it even matters since I always pull my hair back anyhow. So I have come to dread having to spend a whole hour at the salon when the cut only takes about 5 minutes… the rest is just faffing around. The only saving grace is that many years ago I found a hairdresser’s that gets me.

I just want my hair cut. I don’t want to chat. I don’t want to read gossip mags. I just want to get in and out as quickly as possible. And these guys totally understand that, though I’m sure they think I’m an anti-social weirdo, which they probably put down to me being a guiri. I’ve considered asking them if they would just cut my hair and let me leave without the blow-dry, which takes at least 4 times longer than the cut. But then I’d miss that moment when my hair actually looks like I wished it would always look like. Depending on weather conditions this lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour…