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These post-IKEA cañas were much needed after another long (and largely fruitless) trip out to Tomares. In fact, the bus ride only takes 10 minutes, but there’s the hike to the station, and also to the store once you get there. This time I was armed with a LIST and was determined not to waste any time. Ha. It turned out that the tray-table I wanted looked quite different in person than it did online, so I ended up not getting it. And – even worse – the frying pan I bought for my new inducción cooker will have to be returned (long story, and even a longer trip just to return something).

My original plan had been to bus there and taxi back, using Cabify (thanks to Cinta for telling me about this service). But after not getting the table it didn’t seem worth getting a taxi, so we opted for the bus back, which of course we missed by 30 seconds and ended up having to wait half an hour for the next one. Which is where these beers came in, after arriving back in Sevilla. On the way home I said – as I always do – that I never wanted to go to IKEA again. But somehow we forget between trips how exhausting it is, plus there’s that damn frying pan I have to take back…