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Here is Loki giving zero fucks.

Last night after my tapas tour I was on my way to bed, but first had to give Morcilla her bedtime snack (don’t ask) and then, forgetting the cat vomit on the marble floor (I’d previously heard Loki horking up), slipped and fell FULL FORCE with my right foot twisted underneath me… OUCH. So after a quick shower and change of nightdress I hobbled painfully to bed.

This morning it still hurt, and the bruising had come out. But I am more or less able to walk, which is a good thing because I have a tapas tour this evening and cannot cancel it. Luckily it’s still warm enough for sandals, because I don’t think I’d get those swollen and bruised toes into a pair of shoes. The middle toe and the one next to it really hurt. If it doesn’t feel any better tomorrow I will go and get the foot xrayed, just in case (remembering how after my first sprained ankle, I found out when I sprained it again years later that I had actually fractured it!). And yes, I know the pedicure is looking shabby, but it’s the “end of sandal season” so not worth doing over.