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So after two whole housebound days I’m kind of going crazy. The good news is that The Leg is actually feeling a bit better. Not so good news… I came down with sudden nasty cold complete with killer sore throat and ALL the mucous. Seriously, where does this stuff come from? Anyhow, am going to give myself one more day at home, though I might go out and do a bit of shopping tomorrow.

It’s helped that these past couple of days have been cold and rainy, so not as difficult to stay in and curl up with the cats. In fact, have spent quite a lot of time Netflixing with Morcilla. I’ve also got a lot done on a couple of work projects I have going, so that’s good. And it was lucky that Peter was able to take my tours out. But it’ll be nice to get back out in the world again. Let’s hope by Saturday I’m able to walk again!