Day three in London was supposed to be a long-awaited meal at Darjeeling Express with Stephen, Sara and her parents, but due to this and that it ended up being just me and Stephen. Not ideal, in terms of variety, for sharing plates of Indian food. Luckily Michael @renoirspanishguides had been in touch and was up for lunch, so after a quick beer o’clock with S at Hawksmoor in Air Street, we all met up at Darjeeling Express. I had never met Michael in person before – another Twitter pal meeting!

Stephen & Michael

The food was outstanding, with favourite dishes being the big juicy garlic prawns and a succulent goat curry, both of which I could happily eat again right now. Service was impeccible and overall it was a wonderful experience.

Asma Khan and the DE team

It was great catching up with Stephen and finally meeting Michael too. We finished our meal within our alotted time (1 hour, 15 minutes) and headed out to find a pub for a penúltima or two, which included a nice walk around Soho. Then it was time for me to go shopping and the boys wisely left me to my own devices. It wasn’t even “fun shopping”, just picking up a few basics at M&S, but it needed to be done. Then it was back on the bus to Clapton and another early night. Nice day.  🙂

La Penúltima!