The only plan I had for Thursday was dinner at Quality Chop House with Jo @missbishopsgate & Mark @inkjockey who, to my surprise, had never been to QC before. But I had a whole afternoon to fill before then and decided to make my way over to Old Spitalfields Market. I asked Audrey @audreygillan if she knew of a good place for a light brunch in that area (her neighbourhood) and she suggested the recently opened Buxton Pub. And it was lovely. The grilled asparagus with stracciatella and scotch egg were more than enough to see me through until dinner time.

quick pit-stop at St John Bread & Wine

After a wander around the market, which has changed since I was last there and, for me, not for the better, I made plans to get over to Farringdon Road. Oli @cotedupy and Phoebe @plemess had been in touch and we were going to meet at the Winemakers Club for a pre-dinner drink. As there was no direct bus route there I decided to walk. Google maps told me it was about 35 minutes along London Wall, which of course didn’t account for the usual “getting lost” time. It also didn’t tell me that London Wall is one of the ugliest streets ever, though I did get to see a patch of old Roman wall.

Google maps ALSO didn’t tell me that Winemakers Club was UNDER the Holborn Viaduct, but in the end I found it…

It was great seeing Phoebe and Oli again, and to hear that they would be back in Sevilla this summer. So quite looking forward to that. Also nice to meet the Winemakers Club owner Sam and his adorable pup Galahad. For me this was a great new find and I was sure I’d be back (little did I know that would be the very next day, but I’m getting ahead of myself). From here it was just a short walk up Farringdon Road to Quality Chop, impossible even for me to get lost.

Phoebe & Oli

Sam & Galahad

The Shard ❤ at twilight, seen from Farringdon Road

As usual, the food at Quality Chop was excellent and it was lovely seeing Jo & Mark again (though I forgot to take a photo of them!). Of course I can never come to QC without ordering THAT mince and THOSE confit potatoes, so imagine my dismay when I was told the mince was only available at lunchtime (!!). But after a bit of shameless pleading on my part they made an exception on the mince.  🙂

After all this I was still tucked up in bed by 11 pm, after having clocked close to 15,000 steps. And this was a good thing, because I had to be up and out early on Friday.