So…….. woke up with an eensy hangover after the excesses of my very full-on Friday. But after a shower, and some juice and yoghurt, I felt ready to once again get ON THE BUS and head over to meet Tim @biltawulf at José in Bermondsey. And then suddenly it was Sherry O’clock and we were off. The main plan for the afternoon was to (finally!) have lunch at 40 Maltby Street, but first we took a stroll through the Market. You may recall my first ever visit to Maltby Street Market, during which I fell in love with the place, meeting several of the vendors and spending an amazing afternoon chatting with everyone. A return visit a year later was less happy, as the market was over-crowded and felt less personal. So I wasn’t sure what to expect this time.

Well, first of all, it was great seeing Tim again! We first met on Twitter a few years ago, then he came to Sevilla twice and both times went out on tapas tours with me. And the good news is that he is coming back in June! So after our sherry and tapas snack at José we made our way over to Maltby Street.

And it was amazing. Quite busy, but not super-over-crowded like the last time. And there was Mark @thegayfarmer! And Irene @dhan_waffle_uk! Both apparently back at the market after a bit of an absence, so how lucky was that?? It really was  like coming home.

Then it was time for lunch, and – surprise! – 40 Maltby Street also wasn’t packed out. Tim and I found a nice table and commenced to order up. The meal was lovely, and nicely balanced. I think my favourite dishes were the grilled artichokes and the bavette. But really, it was all very good.

Then it was time for a penúltima and I suggested Bar Tozino, the only other Spanish bar I visit in London (other than José). And there was Zack and owner Chuse… and they even remembered me! So Tim and I ended up having a glass of palo cortado. Of course there is no such thing as just one penúltima, and it was a lovely way to end our lunch together.

Chuse serves us gorgeous palo cortado

Then it was time for Tim to head home, so I made my over to Borough Market. It’s really not a favourite of mine as I find it’s too commercialized now (like I found Spitalfields this time) but I had a mission in mind. By now a fair bit of time had passed since lunch so I had it in mind to try the amazing muhummarra at Arabica before I went home, since I knew I wouldn’t be eating again that evening. I will always be indebted to Thane @thaneprince for introducing me to this dish, and to this place.

After that, I was feeling empowered enough (thanks wine!) to cross London Bridge all by myself and get a parting shot of my adored Shard and Tower bridge before getting my bus home again. I would have to get up at 5am to get to the airport, so it was yet another early night. But a fitting and happy end to this latest London Getaway.

Thanks to everyone who made this London Getaway totally amazing.
You know who you are! ❤