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This is Tim’s @biltawulf third time in Sevilla. We first met (in person, before that we were Twitter pals) in 2016 when he came here with his friend Ed and took a tapas tour with me. The next year he was back with a group of friends to celebrate a Special Birthday. I also saw him a couple of weeks ago in London when I revisted Maltby Street Market.

This time Tim was supposed to be here with our mutual friend John @cityjohn, who I also saw in London during the last getaway, but sadly John had to be elsewhere this week. So Tim and I are doing our best to make him jealous with lots of sunny Sevilla pics while he shivers in the Scottish rain. It’s going to be a busy few days with Tim, which started off with a couple of cold beers followed by a nice evening tapeo. On Tuesday I’ll be taking him out on a sherry & tapas tour, after which he’s going to do a cooking class. And on his final day… who knows? Nice having him back in town.  🙂