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Yesterday was the festival of San Juan. It was also my saint day (Shawn = Juan). On the eve of San Juan the tradition is to build bonfires that people then jump over – the idea is to burn away all the negative shit that’s accumulated in your life and start fresh on the other side of the flames.

Well, these past few months have been very difficult, for various reasons, but they have also made me take a hard and honest look at what is important in my life. Which has been both difficult and sad. Then just when I thought I’d reached bottom, that  I couldn’t possibly feel any sadder, I found out that my friend and wonder twin Jed had died. On San Juan day.

One thing I know is that I’m done crying, because I’ve been crying a lot. And I’m also done with falling into this crippling sadness that’s been dragging me down for so long. It’s time to burn all that away, let it go, and start on a new chapter. Wish me luck! x