And I don’t mean the cute gold ones that were put up all over town last year. Apparently there is an actual “plaga de ratas” in Sevilla this year, with hundreds of reports called into the city authorities over the summer. Someone even told me they saw one race across the rafters in a tapas bar! I was also told that this year there have been more cockroaches around than usual, which may explain why they have shut down the underground “vaccuum cleaner” rubbish system in the centre (and why I found not just one but TWO in my house last month).

Anyhow, the other day this little guy crossed my path and then proceeded to “follow” me along the riverbank for awhile (though I’m sure it was mere coincidence and we just happened to be going the same way). Grainy quality pic as I didn’t want to get TOO close… yet another reason for that new iPhone 11 Pro with its super zoom lens.  😉