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My life does not suck. This is International Sherry Week and one of my favourite spots in Sevilla, Palo Cortao, had organised a special 6-course sherry pairing dinner to be hosted by Sherry Ambassador Pepe Ferrer. And they invited me to join them! Yay!

As expected the food and wine pairings were spectacular. You can see what we had below. Of course every week is Sherry Week at Palo Cortao. Then have a wonderful wine list with lots of them available by the glass. If you’re in Sevilla you really should stop in.

prawn aguachile / cured scallop / avocado cream
Nave Trinidad manzanilla en rama – Barbadillo

leek / mussel carbonara / white prawn / caviar
Fino Perdido – Sánchez Romate

rice / pork snout / mushrooms
Amontillado del Castillo – Almacenista Lustau

turbot meuniére
Fino Colosía – Gutiérrez Colosía

wild boar cheek / mole / baked pumpkin
Medium 12 Años – Bertola

blue cheese cheesecake / membrillo
Palo Cortado Antique – Rey Fernando de Castilla

Pepe Ferrer

co-owners chef Ángel & front of house Ana