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I first met Claudia & Paul last November during their six-week visit to Sevilla, though we’d previously known each other on social media before that. And now they are back! This time for three months. Today we got together to catch up.

Met for lunch at the recently opened La Casa del Tigre and just as we were finishing my dear friend Esteban, owner of Vermutería Yo Soy Tu Padre stopped by and we shared another bottle of wine with him. Love that guy!

Also got a call during lunch from the hospital and – eep! – my endoscopia is happening tomorrow afternoon (!!!). Not sure how to feel about that. Hoping there was a cancellation and not that it was deemed so urgent that they got me in ASAP. More to follow on that.

Meanwhile, it was great spending the afternoon with Claudia & Paul and knowing that we have many more afternoons ahead to enjoy together. And it’s always lovely seeing my darling boy Esteban and getting a few hugs.