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Actually, this will be the first time (I think) that I’ve had the Opaque Enema procedure, using a barium contrast. But apparently the prep is the same as for a colonoscopy. Oh joy. So have spent the past couple of days on a low-fibre diet and today it’s clear liquids only, until I start taking the SOLUCIÓN EVACUANTE around 6 pm. Bleh.

The worst part of liquid diet day is how boring it is. Sure I’m a bit hungry, but it’s more that I’m not preparing a snack or going out to meet someone for a tapa. Just feels weird. At first I thought that, today being a cold rainy day, it would be easier as I’d have an excuse to just stay in and be cosy. But now I’m thinking that doing my 10,000 steps in the sunshine would’ve been a better diversion. Oh well. It’ll all be over by this time tomorrow and this evening I plan to binge watch The New Pope.

UPDATE: Went to start the “Evacuation Process” this evening only to discover that there were only 9 envelopes in the box I picked up at the hospital yesterday. There should be 16. So I am taking the 9 and hope that does the trick. Sure don’t want to have to go through all this again!