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So there I was having lunch with Lucy @sparkybakewell the other day and she happened to mention how she spent a Christmas gift card from El Corte Inglés on an 8x magnifiying LIGHT UP make-up mirror. At first I thought… whaaaat? I barely wear make-up and so don’t inspect my minimal make-up that closely… but then I went …. oooohh! Because I suddenly remembered THE FUCKING RANDOM SPROUTING HAIRS.

This first started about 15 years ago (?) when I would be happily going about my morning “getting ready to go out” routine – which is seriously basic, I have never worn much make-up, etc – and then would spot ONE MASSIVE black hair growing out of my chin, wicked-witch style, that FOR SURE hadn’t been there yesterday. Anyhoodle, out came the tweezers and – out damn hair!

Fast forward to now. I have next to no body hair anymore, possibly a result of my genes (my maternal grandmother was Cree Indian) or perhaps a combination of that and being OLD along with all the post-chemo stuff. Whatever. I have no visible body hair on my arms, legs, pits… which is fine by me. BUT… wtf is it with me suddenly noticing I have “cat whiskers” growing out the sides of my mouth, or rando hairs above my lip and on my chin?? NOT okay.

And so I got this magic mirror (on sale now! 20% off! the cheaper 5x version). And I have to say that the ol’ tweezers got a good workout the first day. Lucy did warn me that it’s knowing when to stop that may cause problems. Ha. I am actually a bit shocked at what I couldn’t see in my normal bathroom mirror. Anyhow, all gone now!