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Last year Ania @writtenfromseville and I began a new tradition when we went to experience La Calçotada at La Quinta, a local restaurant that also started this tradtion last year. It’s actually a Catalán thing, with the harvest of these tasty spring onions in mid-late January. Traditionally they are roasted over coals, then served with romesco sauce, and the trick is to remove the blackened outside layers to expose the tender delicious centers.

This year it was raining cats and dogs, so we didn’t get to stand outside in the patio like last time. But it was still fun – and delicious – and so this now qualifies as a Shawn-Ania Tradition. The first tradition we came up with was visiting Málaga at Christmas time to see the lights together, which we managed twice, but sadly not this past December. And now it looks like a new SA Tradition is going to be me going out at ungodly hours to cheer my girl on while she runs her 10kms and half marathons, god help me. 😉