A couple of years ago (or more?) I noticed that I “suddenly” had a hideous hump on my back. Well, between my neck and shoulder blades. At first I thought it was what’s known as a Buffalo Hump, which is usually caused by (amongst other things) being overweight. Then I heard about Dowager’s Hump, which looks similar but is basically caused by bad posture that leaves one with a curvature of the spine at shoulder level.

So I got online and also checked with the amazing @sledpress, and now I have a few stretch & strength exercises I can do at home. I’m also watching my posture when I sit in front of the computer. But the most challenging thing I’ve tried so far is simply walking (my almost-daily 10,000 steps) with shoulders and chin held straight. And OMG it’s hard. To consciously stay erect, no slouching, while walking. I had no idea I was so slouchy. Anyhow, this gives me over an hour of holding myself up properly and so perhaps I will see some improvements – hunchwise – soon.

Happy Wednesday (AKA Hump Day)