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So after yesterday’s hospital experience, followed by a lovely long walk with Paz, and then a snack and a glass of wine at Eslava, I got home and put the PJs on,  ready to flop for the rest of the evening. But then I got a whatsapp message from my gorgeous friend José Pizarro @jose_pizarro… there were no words, just a photo of THOSE papas aliñá at Bodeguita Romero. And I was like WHAAAAAT?? Yep, José was in town.

He was on a flying visit with friends from the UK who are in the process of turning their Norfolk pub into a Spanish tapas bar, and José was helping them get some inspiration. They had already been to visit the Ibérico pigs, and to a sherry bodega, and for one day only they were in Sevilla. OMG.

I mean seriously OMG.

After the pig of day I’d just had (basically saved last minute by having Paz keep me company at the hospital) I was ready to crawl into bed again. But suddenly José was in town! With friends! And he wanted me to come and meet them! What can I tell you? He totally made my day.

José with Simone, Ivor & Stuart

So I met them mid-tapeo and we had a lovely time drinking, eating, laughing, hugging… all that good stuff. We finished up on the rooftop of the EME Hotel (which seemed like a good idea at the time, another drink?, hell yeah!). And then just like that they were gone, like a dream. Honestly, what were the odds that one of the people I love most would show up on one of my shittiest days and make everything better? Well, it happened, and I have photo evidence. 😉 Gracias José! ❤