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Day one of this week’s Axarquía Getaway started way too early (had to get up at stupid o’clock to catch an 8am train) so of course there was no time for breakfast. Happily I had seen an Instagram pic of some rather decadent looking lomo en manteca on toast at a place called Bar Roper, which happened to be on the way to my first bodega visit. So after the Amazing Victor @boke picked me up at the station, we headed over to the market in El Palo, meeting up with our friend David who lives nearby for a hearty pre-winery brekkie.

Bar Roper did not disappoint. We tried the lomo en manteca (pork with, um, pork fat), the zurrapa (FRIED pork preserved in pork fat!) and one of the best tortillas de patatas I’ve had in a long while. There were a couple other porky house specialities but we couldn’t handle any more this visit. Next time!

It was great catching up with David (this trip it was either a quick brekkie or nothing as I wouldn’t actually be spending any time in Málaga) and then Victor and I headed out to meet our hosts Juan and Vicente in the lovely – I mean it, seriously lovely – little village of Moclinejo, up in the Axarquía mountains, just east of Málaga city. We were told to wait by the arches, so we did… part 2 coming up…