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I had planned to wait a whole week before venturing out again, but I really did need to get rid of the organic rubbish (all that cooking!). First I thought I’d just toss the rubbish, including cat sand and recycling, and just place an online order for STUFF. The little fruit & veg shop on the corner is, so far, still open for fresh stuff. But as you can see… no delivery times open for a whole week and probably longer (the page just shows one week). So I did some shopping too as I was almost outta wine  😉

Yesterday I had asked my crazy 80 year old downstairs neighbour (by WhatsApp) to get in touch if she needed anything, and today told her I’d be going to the supermarket and that she could whatsapp me a list and I’d pick up her things too. But she said she’d rather go to the supermarket herself (!?!?). Whatevs. I tried.

Gotta say that things were quite different today at the ol’ Corte Inglés supermarket. On Friday, when the local government was still “recommending” that bars and non-essential shops close, it was kind of business as usual with slightly longer queues. But when I went out for my quick cat food run on Saturday it was mayhem. Long queues, no more meat, chicken, etc, ditto eggs and, of course, toilet paper (guys, calm down – we all have bidets!). But I noticed that the supermarket staff were all wearing gloves, which they hadn’t been the previous day.

Today was another story. We still have access to the supermarket at El Corte Inglés (situated in the basement) but the rest of the store has been cordoned off. And today ALL staff were wearing both masks and gloves, and upon entering the supermarket a security guard was handing out the plastic gloves usually used when picking out fruit and veg. Better than nuthin? Today the whole place was well-stocked, heck I could even find frozen peas and free-range chicken, but it somehow felt a bit unreal and I wondered how long this plentiful supply was going to last. Which created a wee bit of anxiety about stuff like… maybe I should buy TWO bags of onions??… but I kept hearing a calm voice saying “hey, be sure to leave something for someone else”. Though I admit to buying more olive oil that I actually needed. Sorry.

And now I’m back home again with Morcilla cuddling on my shoulder (her favourite spot these days) and I’m about to make some lunch. These are strange days, and they remind me a bit of when I was on chemo and feeling so uncertain about the future, but one thing I always did was post something here daily. I’ve noticed some people on social media talking about writing a journal about their lockdown experiences, and publishing it online to bore everyone to pieces about their personal growth, etc. For me it’s the same as always here, that I post something every day. So sometimes you’ll get some lockdown stuff, sometimes a cat pic, sometimes a link to a humourous horny fantasy. And at the rate I’ve been cooking, most likely a new recipe or two. Anyhow, stay tuned if you want. I’ll be here!