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Shit, I don’t actually want to do “lockdown” posts every day, but there’s not really a helluva lot else going on atm. Though I do have some news! The other day I posted this photo of my street guy Nico on Instagram and Twitter, asking people who had to be out (to shop, walk a dog, etc) to keep a look out for him in my street and maybe give him some spare change. Thing is, I wasn’t even sure if Nico knew what was going on, and it was so sad to watch him sitting out there with hardly anybody walking by. And then the next day he vanished and I didn’t see him for three days. I wondered if the city councel had done a “clean up” and moved the street people somewhere else, and I was worried.

And then this morning, there he was again! So I called out for him to come over and as he stood below my balcony I tried to suss out how he was doing. I asked if he had food, or if he needed food… and it was so hard to understand him. Even my neighbour Antonio (who was out on his balcony across the street) couldn’t make out what he was saying. So I told Nico I’d be right down.

Flew into the kitchen and made a quick ham sandwich (don’t know why I was rushing, turned out Nico sat out there for another couple of hours) and then I went down to give him the sandwich and some coins. He said (I think!) that he was staying out in Camas (a suburb) but I didn’t understand if this was a shelter or maybe he now had a home, though I’ve also seen him sleeping outside on his cardboard bed.

Anyhow, NIco had his sandwich and I no longer had bread for lunch, so made a tortilla instead…

Waiting for Netflix to get in touch any day now to turn these riveting personal memoir blog posts into a mini-series. Life in The Time of CoronaVirus or, as I like to call it, How The Fuck Am I Going To Pay My Rent??? Stay tuned…