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So the bumper I originally bought for my (then new) iPhone X finally bit the dust. And you’d think that, since I seldom leave the house these days, I probably could do without a new one. But you’d be wrong.

I’ve been doing my (almost daily) rooftop walks with the cord thingy that came with the orginal bumper, so I can hang my iPhone around my neck to count my steps (I don’t have a fitbit watch) leaving my hands free to carry my ancient iPod. Apparently I don’t own any clothing with pockets. So not only did I have to replace the bumper, I had to find one that has those two tiny holes on one side to attach the key-ring looking bit, which then clicks onto the other bit on the cord… are you still awake?

So anyhow! I discovered another unexpected feature from carrying my iPhone around my neck, which I tuck inside my top to keep it out of the direct sun when I’m on the roof. I guess you’ve all heard of butt calls by now (more politely known as pocket dialing), when you have your phone in your back pocket and inadvertently call someone after a button or two gets pushed. Well this will never happen to me since, as already stated, I don’t have any clothing with pockets, and also never wear trousers, let alone jeans (the main butt call culprits). But it turns out I can make belly calls! It happened today while I was doing my rooftop walk. I got a call from a friend so of course I answered and we were chatting for a bit before I said “hey what’s up?” and she said “well, you called me” and I said “wut”. Turns out the phone screen was turned towards my belly and it made a call. Gotta be more careful!