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kitchen retail therapy
Gotta say that the coronavirus has cut down on general spending. Like, I didn’t need to buy any new summer clothes or sandals this year, and it’s looking like it will be the same for winter. Which is a good thing because not only was I disqualified from receiving the government assistance extension (July-Sept) for self-employed people, but it turns out I’m also not eligible for the 400€ a month “basic income” allowance.

I am so fucked.

And so why not buy totally unnecessary kitchen utensils because they are orange and cute? Okay, not totally unnecessary because my only spatula broke a couple of months ago, and I’ve never had a skimmer, so sue me. I got them both for a tenner as they were 20% off and this made me happy.

Anyhow, haven’t mentioned any of this to the cats. They still think their lives are safe and secure and never worry about their next meal or that they may lose their home. This also makes me happy. Keeping them safe. What’s making you happy these days?