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It was expected, but this month’s electricity bill (which actually covers a two month period) still came as a bit of a shock. Much more than any other year. About 100€ more. Not surprising as I have been mostly at home, well, since March 12th. But it made me realise how much I take advantage of other people’s AC! I mean, I am trying to be prudent, and don’t put the AC on until it hits 30º inside the apartment, then set it so that it ends up a comfy 27º (with fans on). And I never sleep with it on. But you know, before I would be out and about during the day, and often working in the evenings. Which also meant I had an income to pay the damn bill, but I digress.

I mentioned this on Twitter and my friend Graham pointed out that going out to use other AC wasn’t actually free as I would have to pay for drinks. Fair point. But where he got the idea I am always out drinking in bars… who knows? 😉 In any case, apparently this is what it costs when one is home all day, every day. I think I’m lucky that the whole AC system here died the week I moved in as it was replaced by a new and more energy efficient model. Some of those old ones REALLY suck up the power. I’m also lucky that my place isn’t very big, though double-glazed windows would help. Also lucky to have marble floors! Those help the place feel cool, especially on my bare feet.

When I think back to the 18 years I lived in Barrio Santa Cruz, three long flights up to my top floor apartment (no lift), with no heating or AC, I have no idea how I did it. Being 25 years younger probably helped. But man, in the summer nothing cools down ever and sitting in front of the electric fans… might as well have been using a hair dryer to cool off. Back then I would go and hang out in the Corte Inglés supermarket.

Anyhow, this week temps are finally dropping from 40-42º to a more reasonable 35-37º. And this is my advice to anyone wanting to save money on your AC bill. Don’t just rely on the AC, make sure you always have an electric fan going (facing wherever you happen to be sitting). They use very little power but move the cool air over you, so like me, you’ll probably find you don’t have to set the AC so low. You’re welcome.  🙂