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Went out for a cold beer at La Bodega Alfalfa today and noticed that Javier was wearing a different mask than the rest of his colleagues. At first I thought it was the (now) usual wait staff mask with the name of the bar embroidered on it. But then I saw it said STOP RACISMO. Javi told me his wife had bought a set, including ones that said BLACK LIVES MATTER and I CAN’T BREATHE. He then proceeded to explain to me who George Floyd was and how those had been his last words. And I said, yeah I know.

Imagine time travelling back a few months and telling Mr Floyd that soon there would be a Spanish barman speaking his name and standing by him. I mean yes of course, all the protests, all the everything, would have blown his mind I’m sure. But it touched me today to see this one personal protest still happening, far from where it all started. Well done, Javier!