I don’t know anyone who calls this square Plaza de Jesús de la Pasión. In fact, if you asked people for directions to that name I’m sure many locals would have no idea. It used to be called the Plaza del Pan and, well, it still is except for maybe by the city council.

In Medieval times the square was known as Debajo de San Salvador (Under the San Salvador) or simply De Abajo, as the massive San Salvador Church looms next to it. The name Plaza del Pan dates back to the 17th century from the many bread stalls that were located there at that time. In 1914 there was a request by neighbours to change the name to reference the Christ that is associated with the Salvador Church. But it’s still called Plaza del Pan by everyone I know.

Anyhow, I was walking home the other day and saw this view and thought how the awning looked like a sail. Love this plaza.