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dia hosteleria

Every year the second Tuesday in October is designated as the annual Día de la Hostelería. This year it’s more important, and also more poignant, than ever. I’m watching my friends struggling to stay afloat, most are not even making ends meet but they keep on working, they keep on trying. Sadly others have lost their businesses. It’s been a heartbreaking year.

The jury is still out on how safe indoor dining is. Luckily in Sevilla people can eat outdoors pretty much all year round. But for those without terraces it’s harder to comply with the health and safety regulations and still cover costs. Though I do see most trying, in spite of the difficulties.

There has been a scandalous lack of government support for the hospitality industry here in Spain, as well as elsewhere in the world. Even though these places are our second homes, they are where we go to celebrate, to commiserate, to enjoy our lives, to meet up with friends, to not feel alone. They are the heart and soul of our neighbourhoods. And they need our support.

So even if, like me, you can’t afford to go out like before, then change it up. Just stop by a favourite place for a couple of tapas. You don’t have to spend a lot, but it will all add up if enough people do it. Also, go midweek when bars and restaurants are quieter, because that’s when they need us the most. And remember to help them keep things safe for everyone by wearing your mask when you’re not actually eating or drinking, or any time you get up from your table. Also when the waiter comes to your table… if you pull your mask up then you’re helping to protect them too.

We’re all in this together. Ánimo amigos.  ❤