So how many of you are on Clubhouse? I joined a couple of weeks ago but haven’t used it much. Still kind of figuring it out. It’s not super intuitive, but looks like it could end up being interesting. And like any social media platform it’s only as interesting as the people you follow there. So far for me it’s mostly food and wine people.

It’s an audio platform, which makes it a bit different. For me it’s a bit like having the radio on and listening to conversations on various topics. Some you can join in, others have a set panel of “experts” talking and then we do the listening. And you can create your own conversation rooms and make them either public or private. Anyhow, as I say, it’s still early days for me. I remember back in 2007 when I couldn’t see the point of Twitter, and now I practically live there. So we shall see.

For now Clubhouse is invitation only and only available on iPhone. I still have a couple of invites but please only ask for them if you think you’ll use them. There are about half a dozen I sent out and the people still haven’t signed up. Not a big deal, but I’d prefer to send them to those who actually want to try this out.