So… fuck. It’s been an uphill battle with trying to get back on Twitter after I was VERY WEIRDLY suspended from seven accounts overnight last week. Half of them I hadn’t looked at in years, and one of them I cannot gain access to at all, which I think must be the one that was hacked. So yeah, fuck.

Two of those accounts were “accused” of trying to evade permanent suspension by starting new accounts (never mind they are both almost 10 years old) but there is no Twitter rule that I know of that stops me from using other accounts I have had going before the suspension. Enter @azahartapas, which I started in 2017 when I thought I’d need a separate account for my Azahar Tapas website.

So I am not breaching any rules by using this account, but it means I have to start over from zero. That means zero followers & friends, and also me trying to find all my friends again. And well, in the past day or so I’m up to just over 100 followers. Think it will take a while for me to get back to the almost 8,000 I had before. Anyhow, please stop over at the new place and give my pinned tweet an RT and @azahartapas a follow. đź’›