Woke up this morning to discover that overnight about half a dozen of my Twitter accounts had been suspended. And a couple of those had additionally been “accused” of attempting to evade a permanent suspension, including one account I hadn’t even looked at in years. Meanwhile another bunch of accounts are still active. Why so many accounts, you ask? No idea really. Most were started over the past 10 years or so as different business ideas popped up, mostly to secure the user name. Some were in use for a while, but the only two I actually use these days are @azahar (personal) and @sevillatapas (mostly business), same as on Instagram. In any case, there is no rule about having several accounts.

Anyhow, I have no idea what’s going on or why some accounts were suspended and others weren’t. I mean, I clearly haven’t been manipulating or spamming anywhere. And how could an account that hasn’t been used in years be starting new accounts to evade permanent suspension? The mind reels. I’ve read that suspensions can last for 24 hours up to a week, so for the moment I am going to just wait and hope this was some weird glitch that gets sorted soon. Either that or I’ve been hacked or “reported” by someone who wants to close my accounts (??). Has this ever happened to you?