luz (1)

I’ve never paid attention to this before but apparently every year or so there are new electricity tariffs and different “plans”. This latest one comes into effect today and apparently I can save money by trying to restrict my usage to the green “valle”  and yellow “llano” hours. I mean, looks great for weekends and national holidays but weekdays are going to require planning. Such as only firing up the washing machine or dishwasher at 6 AM when I get up to feed the cats (and no I can’t just put them on when I go to bed, especially the dishwasher, but that’s another story). And so that’s easy enough, as the idea is to stay away from the red “punta” times, but I mean… how can I not put on my AC between 6-10 PM during the blazing hot summer?? I practiced yesterday, having it on 4-6 PM to cool the place down and then just relying on my electric fans (with windows shut) until bedtime. And it was okay, but it sure ain’t gonna work July-August. Yeah I know… but there’s not much else going on to talk about.  😉